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The Benefits of Chanting

In my experience, the primary benefit from a regular chanting practice is improved mental health. Mantra translates as “instrument of the mind” and the wonderful thing about reciting mantras is that it creates a vibrational space between our thoughts. This is similar to being able to focus on vast expansions of sky between the clouds.


The Sound Barrier

I was reflecting today about the power of sound which connects us to one another, transcending cultures, race, sexuality, gender, religions, political beliefs, and so forth.

Chanting is the yoga of sound

Chanting is the Yoga of Sound

Yogic masters throughout the ages have told us that the purpose of yoga is to ‘know the Self’ (the light of consciousness that radiates within). In truth, the sages say that the Self is already attained and when we turn deep within, we experience our true nature which is blissful and free.


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