Chanting is the Yoga of sound. Yoga means reunion with our inner light.

Chanting is the practice that connects us profoundly to our own inner SELF and in turn purifies the subtle body where all the mental, emotional memories and wounds are stored.

The sweet vibrations of the chant free the us from the bondage of attachment to past scar memories. We then start to experience who we truly are as ‘at one with source energy or inner SELF’. This is a nectarean experience that cannot be accessed through the written word. It is like bathing in bliss on a daily basis.

With hectic schedules, dead lines and information overwhelm, chanting is a great daily practice to release inner tension. It opens ups a space within to respond clearly to each situation from the heart rather than be reactive.

What language do you chant in?

The language we chant in is Sanskrit a language of the soul that has been reverberating in the hearts of human beings since the beginning of all time.

These ancient syllables were discovered centuries go by saints and sages when in deep stages of meditation. As they heard the mantras echoing within they would then chant them vocally as an access to deeper states of meditation.

The effects of chanting are profound. Such deep cleansing occurs that the individual can release rivers of tears as the tension around the heart unlocks and you connect with the glory of your own inner SELF.

My first experience of chanting was so immense I cried for days. If you are new chanting, I invite you to join me at Kirtan at Triyoga. Kirtan is a group chanting session.

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