Firstly find a chanting CD that you like Krishna Dass, Chloe Goodchild or Deva Premal is a great place to start or you may like to begin with my latest album Epiphany. There a different chants for particular challenges or to celebrate or to invoke blessings.

The most powerful of mantras is“Om Nama Shivaya” and it means ‘I bow to my own inner Self’.

This mantra is one of liberation. It frees the mind and the emotions from the bongage of the Ego that voice in our heads which is constantly identifying with contracted states like inner criticism rather than the blissful state of expansion.

Chanting Om Namah Shivaya daily leads to an experience of deep inner connection and a direct experience of oneness with all.

On my CD I lead the chants in call and response fashion where I chant the calling line and then you follow by joining in with the response. Each chant builds in rhythm and intensity over some 15 mins.

To start a daily chanting practice, it’s very simple. Sit or lie down in quiet place as you would if you were meditating and play your favourite chant. Let the song wash over your body and allow yourself to chant along with the call and response nature of the track.

You can do this at any time. In the morning its a great way to set your intention for the day. In the evening its’ really great for letting go of the days stress and tension in the body.

Try it for 30 days and watch your life change!

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