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Nikki Slade is a pioneering western style Kirtan leader and natural voice facilitator with over 25 years experience throughout the Americas, Australia, Europe

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Unhappy with what you see in your life? Business not going through the way you want? Not finding that ideal relationship? Can’t seem to get the job you want? Too scared to start that business you’ve always dreamed of? Positive thoughts aren’t working? Yoga and meditation feels great but you’re not manifesting quick enough? If you aren’t creating the results you want in life, you just need to ask yourself one simple question:

Where’s your vibe at?

Vibration is everything. Literally. And your vibration (the energy and frequency you project into the world) determines your experiences, your results and the opportunities you create and attract in your life.

The formula is simple. When you are connected to your authentic voice, you naturally feel good and attract more wonderful things into your life. When you are disconnected you feel bad and it can quickly become a downward spiral.  The great news is …There are so many ways you can connect yourself to a higher vibration. Through prayer, dance, movement, yoga, meditation, eating healthy food, exercise, gratitude exercises – there’s lots you can do. However one of the quickest and most overlooked ways is through sound – and more specifically – through chanting

Chanting bypasses the mind,
self-judgement and fear

I’ve been working with chanting and sound as a tool for transformation for 25+ years and it’s one of the most powerful ways to bypass the mind, open your heart and start living your true purpose. It gives you instant access into what I call “the sacred chord”- your inner voice.

Meditate with your Voice

You might think chanting sounds a little strange and a bit woo-woo and yes it totally is, the same way mindfulness might sound a little strange if you’ve never heard of the concept before. Like meditation, chanting is a profound practice that helps you quieten our mind, relax the body and shift your awareness and vibration.

Why is chanting so powerful and effective?

What makes chanting so powerful is the freedom we experience when we use our voice. Most of us spend our days blocking communication and holding back what we want to say. We swallow our anger, hold back our sadness, and turn our feelings inward without any vehicle to release them.

Chanting enables us to say what we mean and mean what we say.

Chanting provides an avenue for full Self-expression. We chant in Sanskrit, the oldest language in the world and each mantra we chant has divine meaning that will help align you to your truth; But there is no need to get hung up on what the words mean as the effects are transformational.

  • “Listen, ok? I never chanted before working with Nikki. “Even if you’re a little skeptical about this stuff – I say – try it “

    Lenny Henry CBE, British stand-up comedian, actor, writer and television presenter
  • Sound is a powerful force. I believe Nikki is one of the most evolutionary sound magicians on the planet.

    Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potentials
  • Working with Nikki is a life changing experience…

    Rebecca Grace Campbell, author of Light Is The New Black
  • Nikki is brilliant at communicating the power of sound and helping us understand that we have our own signature note.

    Gina Lazenby, Best Selling Author of The Healthy Home
  • This excellent work had a deep and profound effect… Nikki has a unique and powerful offering that I will definitely use in the future.

    Nick Smalman, Director of WORKING VOICES on behalf of CISCO
  • “Nikki’s kirtan has the power to explode love in the room…

    Sally Kempton, Spiritual teacher and Author of Awakening Shakti
  • I don’t often give endorsements – but Nikki’s work is incredible and has been a powerful catalyst in my own life.

    Michael James, Author, Speaker and Co-founder of The Law of Attraction Centre UK.
  • Her style and expertise has the power to bring individuals and  groups together very quickly which then allowed us to work more effectively with our programmes.

    JC Mac, JCM Associates Ltd Managing Director

“Chanting is the Yoga of Sound”

Nikki Slade

Benefits of chanting

Releases Stress & Anxiety

Chanting is extremely fast in releasing any mental, emotional and physical stress you might have. The vibrations of each chant purifies blockages in your nervous system giving you a rush of revitalised energy to replenish and rejuvenate your cells.

Empowers Self Expression

Chanting opens up the power of your natural voice leading to inner freedom and full self expression. If you have trouble expressing yourself or being heard, chanting increases confidence and empowers you to express yourself in challenging situations.

Deepens Connection

Through chanting you connect to the infinite supply of energy within you. Sometimes it’s described as inner self or ‘source within’. With a regular chanting practice you begin to feel open, energised and naturally connect to others around you.

Increases Creativity & Joy

Chanting helps you to be more productive and creative in all aspects of life. It uplifts your energy and vibration and naturally this uplifts everyone around you. As you access your joy and inner wisdom, you become more creative and alive.

“It uplifts your energy and vibration and naturally this uplifts everyone around you.”

Nikki Slade
Nikki Slade

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