This month I am celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Free the Inner Voice” which nicely concurs with the launch of my new brand and this new website.

With gratitude I would like to pause and reflect for a moment on what has been created over the past quarter of a century thanks to all of you, for without you, my efforts would have been in vain.

When I look at my new brand and all that has been accomplished in the work, I sometimes wonder: ‘how did all of that happen?’ The answer is: because you guys were there! Like an orchard that has blossomed over the years, I am present to the first tree that I ever planted.

In the winter of 1990 I was strongly encouraged to start my first ever voice-toning group.

I remember my hand shaking as I put the key into the lock of my first ever venue opposite Brixton prison. A group of you loyal clients attended as we toned and sang around a candle. I felt my inner voice whisper “whatever you do Nikki, you must keep going with this work, I will show you the way”.

I have obeyed this voice ever since, sometimes when I have felt like giving up! It has led me to extraordinary people and environments including facilitating transformational courses in voice work from Teddington to Tufnell Park, not to mention addiction treatment programmes and Wandsworth men’s prison. It has also been fulfilling to bring this work to actors, singers and performers as a reflection of my early incarnation as a professional actor in the 1980’s.

In 2001 I was given the golden opportunity to bring natural voice work and chanting into the corporate industry, and to have the opportunity to impact leadership at both team level and privately. This year 2015 sees the 10year anniversary of my career as a Kirtan leader at Triyoga. It has been a truly blessed experience to have chanted with so many of you over the past decade. I also remember fondly the Winter Solstice chanting by candlelight at he Landmark Arts Centre where 300-400 people would gather to chant each year to raise funds for children in Nepal. Another special highlight for me was being a part of the 11.11.11 Ceremony at the Mind, Body and Spirit festival.

I would therefore like to thank you with all my heart.

You know who you are, whether you took part at the beginning, middle or the latter years. I have come to love uniting together in the space of the Sacred Chord and to witness people transform their demons and blossom in the sound to freely resonate their dreams.

In the beginning of this new era, it feels timely to be launching my new brand, which I am proud to announce coincides with my first ever book that I have been writing vigorously for four years and will be published next spring! You will all be invited to the launch.

I hope you enjoy navigating the new brand site. I would like to say a big thank you to Thao Dang alias Thaoski Ltd for her intuition/alignment and superb work on my new brand.

Finally may I take this opportunity to wish you a fabulous Winter Solstice, Xmas and New Year. I am off to India on retreat from 10th-28th December to assimilate this past era.

Please do join me for a New Year’s Eve afternoon celebration chant at Triyoga Camden from 2pm – 3:15pm and a special New Year’s intentions Chant including Meditation with Jonathan Sattin on 2nd January 2016 from 6.30-8.15pm so plenty to look forward to.


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