In my experience, the primary benefit from a regular chanting practice is improved mental health. Mantra translates as “instrument of the mind” and the wonderful thing about reciting mantras is that it creates a vibrational space between our thoughts. This is  similar to being able to focus on vast expansions of sky between the clouds. Typically we focus on storm clouds such as depression, anger, rejection, comparing, despairing, and so on and we find it hard to shelter from the onslaught of attack from our inner saboteurs.

When this happens, simply chant along with a recording of a mantra such as Om Namah Shivaya (meaning “I merge with the expansion of supreme consciousness”). You will discover that the mantra, enhanced by beautiful melodies and drumming, can support you in rapidly connecting to the domain of inner bliss where storm clouds pale into insignificance. As the heaviness of your mood lifts, you will experience a lightness of being throughout the day.

I have also found that as we chant regularly we also become nicer people to be around! This is because we are in close connection with our divine nature within which is a high vibration state. This state transmits to others and they naturally gravitate towards us because they are reminded of their own divine connection in our presence. You could also state the opposite – when our vibrational state lowers and we are grumpy and agitated no-one wants to be near us! Therefore, when we chant, we lose our agitation with ourselves and others and we begin to get a glimpse into the true state of Oneness. We can genuinely look at our brothers and sisters and see our very own Self smiling back at us.

Another wonderful fruit of chanting is the unleashing of our creativity. We get inspired because we are at the source of ourselves and ideas begin to flow unceasingly. We find ourselves writing that book or play or project which we have been thinking about because we no longer have writers block. You could say we are ‘in the zone’! Poets and painters are born in this practice. In fact Kirtan originated in India with the poet saints movement where great beings such as Mirabai, Kabir and Tukaram connected with such ecstatic states of bliss within themselves that devotional poetry just flooded out of them!

Why not add a little chanting to your daily life and watch the magic unfold?


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