Jay Jay Premananda Jay Jay Muktananda

This chant translates:

Jay = Hail

Prem = love

Ananda = bliss

Mukta = liberation

“Hail to the bliss of love and freedom within my own heart.”

The vibrations of this chant are uplifting and liberating. Whatever our daily troubles we don’t have to suffer in the face of them when we raise our vibration to a space of divine contentment that is independent of our circumstances.

This chant is pure celebration. A great one for bringing groups together and acknowledge the power of love in the hearts of all! It touches the space that Nelson Mandela was the embodiment of ‘inner freedom!’

I could write more and more about chanting and give you more intellectual facts for your mind to feast on. However the most important book for us all to read is the book of our own heart.

The heart is the source of all scriptures ever written and all great music through the ages comes from this wellspring. Mozart composed symphonies from there, Shakespeare wrote classic theatre from there, Rumi and Hafiz wrote the finest poetry from there.

My invitation to you all is to just chant along.

Ask your heart ‘not your head’ whether it feels good to chant. Give yourself time to  chant daily over a minimum period of six months and each day listen to your inner voice for guidance and revelations form the book of your own heart.

This chant is available on my Epiphany album and you cant listen to it here.

Photography credit: Jessica McGregor Johnson

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