In my latest album Epiphany there is a chant that calls to Hindu Goddesses Durga and Lakshmi.

Om Namo Durga Ma and Om Namo Lakshmi Ma

This chant invokes fearlessness and prosperity.

Durga is the aspect of our inner divine connection that is totally fearless.

Lakshmi is the wellspring of infinite supply within.

These two great Goddesses are depicted in paintings and statues in the Hindu tradition to assist the spiritual seeker in having a visual form to focus on.  Human beings find formlessness hard to grasp.

For some people there is something more personable to have a form to which we can pray to to be connected to our fearless SELF.

They have been often misunderstood as separate deities when in truth they simply aspects of one divine truth which has all the virtuous and fearless qualities in infinite abundance.

Chanting Durga and Lakshmi does not mean you have to be a ‘Hindu’  but rather to recognize and connect to the highest inner vibration within where fearlessness and fulfillment of life exist as our own daily experience of being embodied.

This chant is perfect for a special invocation for a new home or business or new project or marriage. It has invokes a zest for life in action and forward movement.

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