All Love 2020 - Online festival part 1 News

An all day Chanting onlive event in aid of Crisis, the homeless charity.

38 Kirtan leaders throughout the day.

Join Nikki Slade, Regina Martin, Illumina, Alva Malka, Mark Bouzida, Robert Horwell, Gratia Churchill, Gavin Frank, Gaia (Gabriella Burnel), Candida Valentino, Dave Whitehead plus many more amazing Kirtan leaders throughout the day.

CRISIS work with people in London and all across the UK and right now there is a need to financially support all those who are still sleeping rough or in shelters where it is impossible to self-isolate.
Homeless people are particularly vulnerable due to their health conditions and access to information. CRISIS ar supporting them by providing "essentials" packages to those that need them most, outreach and funding to local charities and shelters.

Kirtan, the practice of chanting mantras from the Bhakti Yoga tradition is about connection and sharing with the intention of unity, love and gratitude. When we sing together we can experience inner peace, bliss and freedom. Let's send this energy to those who need it most.
This all-day Kirtan Festival run for 10 hours, you can join at any time through this recording of the day.