Spiritual, Mind, Body, Yoga Festivals, Expos & Retreats

Connect your audience to their higher self and give them the opportunity to drop deep into their sacred chord. Help them free their inner voice!

  • If you are organising festival or expo relating to the mind body sprit, including chanting as the “yoga of sound” is a wonderful way to bring everyone together and lift the vibration at the festival / expo. The chant transmits a heart opening to all everyone and all the stalls and exhibitors will feel a surge of energy and lightness.
  • If you’re running a wellbeing, healing or transformation retreat and would like to deepen the process through group chanting, we can explore how I can best serve you and your work.

For UK and international bookings, please contact my PA Hanna and arrange a call so we can discuss your needs.

  •  I first went to see Nikki about  2 years ago. I had heard great things about her from an actor friend of mine. Apparently she had helped him develop his voice, but in a profound way. His inner voice.

    Graham Fink, M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director 2008


How does it work?

The group Kirtan session is between 40 minutes and 1 hour long and is designed to connect and and open the hearts of all attendees.

(1) Morning Kirtan

The purpose of the morning Kirtan session is to opens the eyes, minds and hearts of participants. To help them connect and move into a place of deep listening and positive expectation.

(2) Afternoon Kirtan

The afternoon / after lunch sessions often involve movement and are designed to wake everyone up and keep their energy high and engaged all afternoon.

(3) Evening Kirtan

The evening Kirtan sessions are designed to integrate the day’s learnings while maintaining a deep connection to self and a open heart. This works very well at retreats.

What happens in a session?

Participants can expect to :

  • Use their voices with directed sounds
  • To move and sound freely
  • To play games exploring full –self expression that lighten the spirits
  • To experience voice and movement as a tool to experience a deeper connection to themselves.
  • To experience the power of chanting as one voice