Chemistry at Work Programmes for Teams & Corporates

Align your team to the vision and purpose of your business and dissolve group conflict

“Chemistry at Work is a profoundly effectively vocal experience that can within minutes create extraordinary shift in energy that uplifts and transform the energy of a conference or team building session.”

Nothing is more destructive in business than when your team is fighting against each other. 

Conflicting personal outcomes, judgement, resentment, company gossip, internal complaints, political games, conflict, frustration, anger, fear, worry. 

The truth is no one wants to be stuck in the above emotions or behaviours but when you’re in it, it’s hard to know to get out of it. If you’re managing a team that’s suffering from any of the above, you know how messy it can get and how quickly it can all spiral downwards. 

Sometimes the issues aren’t so obvious …

Sometimes everyone in the team is working really working hard individually but company targets just aren’t being met. It just doesn’t make sense. You’ve invested in all the right people and all the right resources but it’s not working out. Deep inside you know the team requires a creative breakthrough. You are desperate for innovation and need a new game changer. But as you know, you can’t force these things.

So what you can do is … you can create the the optimal environment for creativity and innovation. 

When people feel connected, it’s difficult to be in conflict.

That’s why I created “Chemistry at Work” a series of workshops to tackle the challenges faced by teams and businesses every day. 

Voice work might initially sound like a strange way to tackle the big interpersonal problems at work and an even more interesting way to active innovation however through working with corporations over the last 15 years, I find the solution is often one and the same. 

The objective is to help your team get out their own way – to get them out of their comfort zone so they can see things differently. So conflicts dissolve and new insights can emerge.

Through the use of movement and sound, I invite individuals and groups to tap into and raise their energetic vibration. The vibration triggers the release of tension, stress, and balances the bio-rhythms of the body. The team begin to connect with their sense of self and each other – they start to feel confident, free and alive.  

When your whole team taps into that space together, relationships become more harmonious and as a team you start to feel united and aligned. The company’s morale and productivity reach new levels and these results show up in the bottom line!

Innovation and creativity are a by product of your team feeling confident, alive and free – and the “Chemistry at Work” workshops are designed to do just that – create chemistry! 

“Nikki is a pioneer of Voicework in corporations and has facilitated conferences for organisations including Ashford Business College, Orange, ING Bank, AON Insurance Brokers and Deutsche Bank. Nikki provides a range of services from management leadership programmes (for teams and individuals) to unforgettable team-building experiences and large-scale conference events.”



This session is used for the opening of a new quarter, for bringing leaders together, and inspiring the company to vision and align together as one voice. The resonance of this session is very strong, as the experience can create lasting impressions in the hearts and minds of all those who participate.


This session is designed for media companies when creativity levels are particularly stagnant. Nikki’s exercises refresh and awaken the team, bringing a surge of energy, a buoyancy that spontaneously re-captures ones imagination and enthusiasm.


This session dissolves the tension and barriers between workers. A space is created where avoidance tactics are eliminated. It works because sound opens the heart and is transformative, and this particular session literally releases conflicts and authenticities that are present.


This session addresses the whole spectrum of communication. The programme includes exploring relatedness between workers and developing a space where communication flows naturally and easily.


This is ideal for teams and individuals who are called upon to deliver speeches and seminars to groups. This workshop is significant, as it unleashes a new vitality and vibrancy for participants who are required to do public speaking. They learn to fully express themselves during their delivery.

  •  I first went to see Nikki about  2 years ago. I had heard great things about her from an actor friend of mine. Apparently she had helped him develop his voice, but in a profound way. His inner voice.

    Graham Fink, M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director 2008