1-1 Voicework and Mantra with Nikki – Online

Private work with Nikki Slade

1-1 Voicework and Mantra with Nikki

Why not take an opportunity to deeply nourish your soul and align to your highest vibration with a bespoke mantra programme especially created for you that will deeply fulfil and uplift your spirits and sew good seeds for your future beyond this period we are all in.

You will have the opportunity to remove blocks and obstacles on your path and to unleash your potential and transform your experience of life through this one-to-one vibrational alignment programme.

These online programmes also cater for career enhancement including executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, actors, singers, and performance artists… basically anyone wanting to connect with their sacred chord and free their inner voice.

This is a wonderful opportunity to tap into the bliss of your inner nature through chanting, voice and sound vibration in a light, held and non-judgmental environment.

You can expect to chant, sound, move and experience the joy of the inner Self.



All 1-1 sessions will be held via Zoom or In-Person depending on the programme of your choice

Please e-mail [email protected] or call 07932043277 to schedule a complimentary discovery call with Nikki and to enquire about the programmes available.

When & where

Sessions are available In-person or online via Zoom at a time to suit you, to be arranged with Nikki.