Online Chanting – 5 Bundle package

Thursdays 8am GMT, Thursdays 8pm GMT, Fridays 3:30pm GMT

Chanting sessions online with Nikki

Bundle purchase


This page is for those who wish to pay for a 5 session Online chanting bundle.

When you purchase a bundle, you can choose between any of the sessions available on Thursdays and the upcoming Fridays online.

Dates Available:

Every Thursday morning at 8am

Every Thursday evening at 8pm (subject to change from March 2021).

Every Friday afternoon at 3:30pm GMT

Please note that triyoga has now asked Nikki to do her Saturday slot online. You will need to book through triyoga for the Saturday sessions and those are not included in these bundles.

Fees and Booking:

5 sessions at £7 each: £35 + VAT = Total price £42.00

To purchase individual sessions, please go to the events page of the specific day you want to attend.

How does this work? The sessions will take place in the Zoom online platform.

Once you book, we will send you an invitation from or with a link which gives you access to any of the sessions, that you can simply click on to open the zoom meeting directly from your computer, tablet or mobile device. No need to download any programmes or software. You will need to download the Zoom app only if you are connecting via mobile or tablet.

(IMPORTANT: Add us to your safe contacts list and or look in your spam and junk folders! The address is highly likely to be blocked by some servers). If you have trouble receiving the message with the link, please text us on 07932043277.

Please use the name with which you paid when trying to join a session. If we don’t recognise the name, we might not let you in!

Booking: Pay with the orange button on the side panel.

Chanting (Kirtan) replenishes the soul and unites us with one another and is the perfect way to experience the joy of singing together where the focus is on participation rather than performance. Nikki leads these sessions with voice, harmonium and drum. You can join her in singing a range of easy-to-learn devotional and uplifting chants or just bask in the sound of the chants


Sound is a powerful force. I believe Nikki is one of the most evolutionary sound magicians on the planet.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

When & where

These sessions take place online via zoom

Every Thursday @ 8:00am GMT, Every Thursday @ 8:00pm GMT and Every Friday @ 3:30pm GMT