Online and In-person Private Vibe-Fit (Vibrational-Fitness) Vocal Programmes

Remove blocks, unlock your potential and transform your life through this private one-on-one programme

If you’re feeling trapped by your current circumstances or if you’re feeling frustrated things aren’t manifesting quick enough, it’s time to try something different. Rather than fighting against what’s happening around you by over thinking it or or over feeling it, we can bypass the internal struggle by simply aligning your vibration to your inner sacred chord.

Not only does it remove the struggle, from this sacred core vibration you‘ll access joy, happiness and deep wisdom. I’ve been taking people on this journey for over 23 years and results continue to amaze me.

People come to me for all sorts of reasons, so if you feel…

  • Unhappy in your job and afraid about what to do next
  • Annoyed at yourself because you can’t say what you mean or mean what you say
  • Stuck because your voice isn’t physically doing what it’s meant to be doing and it’s affecting your public speaking, acting or singing career
  • Frustrated because you just can’t seem to get the agent you want or break you need
  • Trapped by the life you have created and thinking, there has got to be more to life than this?
  • Lost because you’ve been made redundant and unsure how to turn your art or into a business
  • Successful on the outside but feel dry or isolated inside like you’ve lost your passion
  • Excited about launching a new creative project into the world but fear is holding you back
  • Yearning for a relationship in your life but can’t seem to manifest your soul mate

No matter what you are going through, lifting your energetic vibration will change your thoughts, feelings and attitudes towards whatever is going on in your life. Connecting to your sacred chord will unlock your authentic voice and bring you the feelings of connection and joy which are essential to manifesting all the good things you deserve.

  • “Listen, ok? I never chanted before working with Nikki. “Even if you’re a little skeptical about this stuff – I say – try it “

    Lenny Henry CBE, British stand-up comedian, actor, writer and television presenter


Can I do single sessions only?

Change requires commitment so my private work requires a commitment of a few sessions depending on your needs and requirements. As mentioned above, I offer a complimentary discovery session over the phone to explore what you’re looking for in the 1-1 voice programmes that I offer.

What can I expect in a session?

Each session is focused on the goal you want to achieve. We first look at what’s blocking you and then align your vibration to match what you are committed to creating.

As you begin to access your core sound you begin to experience new energy and a deeper connection to your personal power. From this centred space you can assess and see things differently. You can make new choices and and create new results.

Before you leave you will be assigned daily sound practices to ensure the transformational results continue to impact your life.

You can also use these tools whenever something comes up in between your sessions eg. conflict with your boss, relationship stress, self judgement. These daily mantras anchor you to your inner Self so you can access your intuitive wisdom and guidance at all times – and from this place, make better choices.

You might find yourself behaving differently. You might practice taking risks in communication where you previously were withheld; you might ask for something from your boss you would normally avoid; you might start taking up that new hobby or business you’ve been putting off for years.

These exercises are very specific to the individual and not predictable. They are designed to interrupt the neural pathways of fixed ways of being that people may be stuck in. As you go deeper into your voice, you experience being more open, flexible and able to achieve the results they seek during the workday and inevitably at home.

Please note:

Although you might come for one specific area of your life, you’ll find the results will impact other areas – because your energy is different. You might come for public speaking but find your personal relationships change. You might come to find your ideal soul-mate but end up resolving conflict in your workplace. You might come for creative inspiration and then end up healing some old family dynamics. The results are truly profound!