Event & Conference Ice Breakers

Raise the vibration at your event or workshops by aligning your audience to their highest potential

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If you’re running an important event or conference and want to keep the energy high so your delegates can get the most out of the keynote speakers, chanting is a brilliant way to align and energise your audience. It works exceptionally well as an ice breaker at the beginning of the day or just after lunch (the graveyard slot) to re-energise the crowd.

When people sing (chant) together they leave their worries outside of the conference room, they drop into their body, their heart opens and their mind becomes clear and able to receive all the goodness of information you are offering them.

Chanting also connects them their highest values and dissolves any conflicts and judgements they may be carrying with them. It melts away resistance and creativity and innovation have space to emerge.

By including chanting at your event or conference you are connecting the delegates to their higher self and freeing their inner voice – and by doing so, your event and conference will be remembered with a lasting emotional impact.

How does it work?

Group chanting sessions are ideal for warming up a conference space with anything from 100 – 3,000 people.

The conference ice breaker is between 40 minutes and 1 hour long and is designed to wake up and inspire conference attendees to experience an untapped surge of energy which instantly creates alchemy between people and unlocks their joy and enthusiasm for the task ahead.

This forty-minute session is extremely effective in breaking the ice at the start of an event and dissolves barriers immediately. It is ideal for an event where people are going in cold and are perhaps unfamiliar with one another. The power of joining together in sound and movement makes it very difficult to remain strangers for long!

(*) Morning Warm-up

The purpose of the morning kirtan session is to open the eyes, minds and hearts of conference participants. To help them connect and move into a place of deep listening and positive expectation.

(*) After lunch Warm-up

The after lunch sound / movement sessions are designed to wake everyone up and keep their energy high and engaged all afternoon.

What happens in a Session?

Participants can expect to :
•    Use their voices with directed sounds
•    To move and sound freely
•    To play games exploring full –self expression that lighten the spirits
•    To experience voice and movement as a tool to experience a deeper connection to themselves.
•    To experience the power of chanting as one voice