Nikki Slade - Deep Meditation Chanting

Deep Meditation from Nikki Slade’s Soundscape album Release into the realm of no-thought; discover the vastness of the Zone within. Fifteen minutes is a good time to meditate. There is a subtle whisper of So Hum (I am that) signalling the end of fifteen minutes which will gently inspire you to bring your attention back to the room.

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Nikki Slade is the UK’s #1 western style Kirtan leader and a pioneering natural voice facilitator with over 25 years experience throughout the Americas, Australia, Europe and UK. You can download two of her most popular chants at

“My mission is to provide an empowering and safe space that unconditionally encourages individuals to connect with their true inner voice so that they may transcend all limiting beliefs that prevent their authentic and free self expression!”

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