I had sealed lips, confusion in my mind and a knot in my stomach when I disagreed with someone or wanted to say something that I thought the other person may not like. I would withhold communication and was not happy afterwards. I would bust into anger and verbal aggression at the smallest hint of disagreement. For a while I’d feel proud that I stood for myself. Then be sorry and apologetic that I overreacted.During the session, Nikki made me feel safe and empowered me to raise my awareness and be with what I feel and transcend it in a playful manner.

A few days after the session, my throat cleared up, my voice strengthened and deepened. I felt calmer, more grounded, clearer and freer when making and communicating my decisions. In addition, I found myself repeatedly being able to better listen to others and be open to hear what others have to say – not be as defensive! Thank you Nikki!