I hoped she could do the same for me, as I am asked to do more talks these days as well as make presentations to clients. I turned up to her studio and was asked to take my shoes off. There was a beautiful harmonious low hum that filled the room. It was middle C. It came from an Indian drone box. I immediately made a mental note to get one. We sat down and Nikki asked me what I wanted to achieve in the session. We then started with some simple chanting. After a bit I stood up and let these strange sounds come out of my body. Stretching as I did so. The sounds got louder and came from a deeper place as I grew more confident. Eventually they seemed to take over and I was kind of shocked how powerful they were. I had no idea that I was capable of producing anything with such force. Nikki showed me how to change my posture to enhance the sounds and to feel the vibrations coming from various parts of my body.  Some of the session was systematically disciplined and real focus was needed. At other times it was purely instinctive. It was fun, but I worked hard too.

Throughout the whole session Nikki was there guiding me through. After we had finished I remember sitting in the cab going back to work feeling elated. Part of me was exhausted but paradoxically another part was so energised. I returned for some more sessions and since then my confidence has definitely grown. I trust my instincts much more during client presentations and I’ve got much better at listening to the sound of my inner voice and acting on it. If I could think of a symbol to describe Nikki, it would probably be a tuning fork.