Soundscape Deepen your meditation

Soundscape is designed to deepen your meditation and help you focus on your daily intentions. The sound meditations on this CD are used in yoga studios to help students quieten the mind.

Perfect for:

If you want to deepen your meditation practice or if you need help manifesting your intentions. Pick a piece of music that resonates with you and listen to it each day and visualise your intentions vibrating into the cells of your body.


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Welcome the sunrise; Celebrate new beginnings and new possibilities. This new day will never come again –  appreciate the moment; enjoy the now.

Allow yourself to let go into the joyful space of the heart in this deep practice to connect with Source. Resonate with this inner power; the bliss within us.

Release into the realm of no-thought; discover the vastness of the Zone within. Fifteen minutes is a good time to meditate. There is a subtle whisper of So Hum (I am that) signalling the end of fifteen minutes which will gently inspire you to bring your attention back to the room.

Surrender and renew into the calm of your inner world and enjoy this soothing evening meditation/relaxation composition; Let go into the music and let go into the fullness of who you are.

  • Nikki is brilliant at communicating the power of sound and helping us understand that we have our own signature note.

    Gina Lazenby, Best Selling Author of The Healthy Home