Epiphany Peace, joy and harmony

This double album CD is designed to join Nikki in ‘call and response’. By chanting the Sanskrit mantras you are evoking the power of sacred sounds to heal and empower.

Perfect for:

If you want more peace, joy and harmony in your life, listen daily as you go about your morning and evening practice. The tracks will help you start each morning focused, inspired and aligned. In the evening it will cleanse away any residual energy and tensions from the day and put you in a meditative state before bed.


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Om Namah Shivaya
I bow to my inner Self.”

In this chant we acknowledge the gift of our universal connection to supreme consicousness. Over time we actually experience this truth as the vibrations of the mantra awaken us to the power of oneness.

Arati Ṥhiva

Arati means ‘light’, Ṥhiva meaning’ inner Greatness’.

This Chant is the perfect way to invoke blessings for the beginning of our day, the launch of a new project, marriage. It is in fact a perfect way to bless all auspicious occasions.


Krishna Govinda Gopala

Krisha is ‘the ecstatic one’, Govinda Gopala ‘the one who protects and brings us together’.

In this chant we can experience being drawn deeply within and bathed in the magical vibrations of Krishna’s love. Human beings have forgotten in the deep sleep of ignorance that we all have a wellspring of ecstatic joy within. Krishna represents this blissful inner space that is like an inner treasure that has always been there. The moment that we chant, we remember our infinite legacy.


Parvati Saraswati Namah Ṥhivāya

Parvati is the feminine aspect of our great Self. She is the gentle aspect within us that allows us to receive that which is nourishing. Saraswati is the goddess of music, speech and learning and she helps us with our unique self-expression in life. Namah Ṥhivāya is to remember always our inner divinity.

This chant is a beautiful uplifting dance with the playful energy of the divine energy within.


Hare Rama Hare Krishna
Salutations to Rama and Krishna

In this Chant, we invoke the ecstatic state of supreme bliss within us in the form of Lord Rama and Krishna. The melody of this chant is well-known and invokes a deep celebration of life. It is an invitation for everyone to experience exquisite joy which goes beyond religious preference and happens to have been celebrated for decades by devotees of Lord Krishna who playfully dance on Oxford Steet in London!


Om Namah Ṥhivāya
I bow to my inner Self.

Once again in this chant we acknowledge the gift of our universal connection to supreme consciousness. This chant has an evocative melody and perfectly lulls the chanter into meditation on the Self.


Om Namo Lakshmi Ma, Om Namo Durga Ma

Lakshmi is depicted as a Goddess who is bountiful and overflows with generosity. Durga is the supreme mother; She is our inner divine warrior who with her fierce love for us, pierces through the veils of illusion that hold us back in life.

The melody is uplifiting and glorious and leads us into victory.


Hare Rama Hare Krishna
Salutations to Rama and Krishna

Once again here we invoke the ectastic state of supreme bliss within us in the form of Lord Rama and Krishna and revel in ecstasy in this chant’s original and jubilant melody.


Jay Jay Premananda/ Muktananda
Jay= Hail to, Prem= divine Love, Ananda= Bliss, Mukta= the state of inner freedom that in truth we already are.

We invoke the state of blissful liberation and connection to divine love in this chant and acknowledge that in this very body we are liberated!


Mayi Ma, Jay Jay Ma.

This Chant is a tribute to the great Mother principle, both in the divine and earthly sense. We praise and acknowledge her infinite ability to protects us and lead us through darkness into light with her strength and power.