Welcome to the Learn to Lead Kirtan Introductory Taster Course and thank you for your joining me. Please watch the Welcome video above to start your journey with me into Kirtan leading.

On this page you will find everything that you need to work through this course at your own pace. Please read through it carefully and if you have any questions which are not answered here feel free to email the Course Manager and Designer, Jenny Grainger at [email protected].


Simply click on the title of each pillar in the next section below here to gain access.

1. GROUNDING (with Katy Appleton of www.appleyoga.com): Learn to ground your body to hold the Shakti.

2. VOCAL TECHNIQUE: Learn basic vocal technique

3. DEVOTION: Learn to trust yourself as a devotional instrument

4. MASTERY OF THE INNER CRITIC: How to deal with your inner critic.

5. HARMONIUM SKILLS: Learn simple harmonium accompaniments and new chants

6. LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Learn to create the journey of Kirtan for others


Although you do not actually need a harmonium to enjoy this course, Pillar 5 is Harmonium Skills and it is very likely that you will be inspired to try to find a harmonium to practice on. Obviously not everyone is in a position to be able to afford a harmonium so Nikki recommends that you try to borrow one for PILLAR 5 study. If not, then perhaps you may have access to a piano or keyboard?

If you are unable to find any of these options for Pillar 5 then Nikki suggests that you absorb as much information from the video as you can for now. We will make the teaching video in PILLAR 5 downloadable so you can always buy a harmonium later.

Some of you also ask whether you can accompany with guitar? Long-term this is possible but to get the most value out of the course and for your kirtan leading future the harmonium is the most popular traditional and suitable option.

For those of you who are seeking to buy a harmonium Nikki highly recommends any of these harmoniums listed below.  If you mention that Nikki Slade recommended them to you then you will be well looked after.

From JAS MUSICALS SOUTHALL – www.jas-musicals.com/southall

Call 0208 574 2686 ask for Jasmeet or she is happy for people to call her mobile during lock down. Her number is 07932 094561.

The  Jas yoga Peti is very popular with Nikki’s students as is the Jas Flight Deluxe model. Both are portable.

BINA MUSICALS – www.binaswar.com or Call Rashna on 020 8843 1411

They are offering all Nikki’s students 20% percent off and a free bag – a great deal!

23B 6 x stops portable – this is the one that Nikki has used for years and she loves it.

The Bhava Mini – This has been an extremely popular harmonium with previous students.  Full info here – https://oldelhimusic.com/products/bhava-mni-harmonium

The Ragamalapeti – Another nice harmonium – http://ragamalapeti.com


Anyone living in France or Belgium who needs support accessing a harmonium can contact my graduate student Claudio Salinas.  He is in a position to negotiate deals!  Email him here at [email protected].


Please contact Course Manager Jenny Grainger at [email protected] with enquiries.