Chanting is  natural it is a practice for everyone. It has over the centuries been misconstrued by many as a practice that is reserved for a specific religion that unless you follow that specific tradition it is not for you!

This is a deep rooted misunderstanding because in truth it is a universal practice that opens the heart to experience a higher level of vibration.

Although some religions have adopted chanting as the heart of their faith you do not have to be a Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or other to adopt this daily practice.

If you have a devout practice then chanting can only enhance your devotion to the ‘God’ of your understanding. However the primordial origin of sacred mantras and their syllables stem from deep within all of us at the cellular level.

Some people prefer to chant the name of a specific deity or saint according to their religion and for millions of people their connection to source energy is at the universal level beyond the wish to join a specific religion to guide them.

I deeply respect all beings and all religions as totally valid for each individual uniquely. The most important thing I believe is that we all have the experience of connecting deeply to our own ‘source’ power whatever form He, She, It, has for each one.

My vision is that in the future we will have mass chants with every culture and religion under one roof chanting the name of divine love using whatever name is appropriate to your faith eg my favorite chant is ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ which translates as I bow to my inner Self. Some of my Christian clients  prefer to chant ‘Om Namah Kriste’ and my Muslim clients chant Jay Jay Allah’. If a specific name is hugely important to a person then they should chant that name alone. I have some devout Jewish clients who chant Om Namah Hachem.

What truly matters in this age of religious wars and battles is world harmony.

My vision is that this will come about one fine day by all the people from every tradition and belief coming together and chanting under one roof! On this day frontiers would come down world barriers would dissolve and the power of Love would reign.

I know it’s a dream but I truly believe at the centre of all beings and all religions is love.

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