Where is the F in Leadership

Free Online Global Summit - 2nd - 8th Dec


Can you imagine a world where feminine leadership traits are as valued and treasured as much as masculine leadership traits currently appear to be?

Can you imagine being fully you as the balanced, powerful leader that your soul yearns for you to be?

Can you imagine being the full expression of who you are in your work and home life in a way that feels natural and fun?

Can you imagine feeling fully nourished and energized every single day as you go with the flow of who you are meant to be in this world?

What if I was to tell you that this world is here, now!

Because I’m honored to invite you to Where’s the F in Leadership Global Online Summit, where I’ll be speaking as part of a global gathering of 24 speakers, to reveal the depth & breadth that is the new paradigm feminine way of leading, from many different angles & perspectives.

As we dive deep in to the ways of feminine leadership, I invite you to receive & embody profound ways of re-membering who you are in this world, as we step together in to a way of leading that’s balanced in masculine and feminine ways; works with our energies and is radically sustainable.

We can “have it all” and lead from our natural balanced state!

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During Where’s the F in Leadership Global Online Summit, you’ll have the opportunity to watch & listen to 24 paradigm shifting leaders, teachers, healers, business experts, futurists, visionaries and wisdomkeepers who have powerfully stepped in to share their collective wisdom. They are Jocelyn Mercado, Ke’oni Hanalei, Annemiek Van Helsdingen, Dr Marie Mbouni, Ilarion Merculieff, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Phoenix Na Gig, Tash Mitch, Lindsay Pera, Merel Kriegsman, Maleda Gebremedhin, Nikki Slade, Marloes Halmans, Sama Morningstar, Cissi Williams, Willemijn Maas, Jeni Rogers, Vanessa Couto, Sophie Jane Mortimer, Sarah Love McCoy, Elena Lipson, Rachel Capurso, Ann Manatt, Maria Anderson and summit producer and host, Eimear Stassin.

Each day you can watch & listen at your leisure from the comfort of wherever you are!

With each talk that you hear during this unique event, I invite you to open up to expansive new opportunities that are being shared in this summit as we re-member who we are in this world in order to lead from a grounded, heartfelt and energetically balanced place.

This transformational event is FREE to all registered attendees! You do need to register, in order to receive the joining instructions and each day’s email linking to the speakers of the day.

Simply click here to register today, and join us for this unique series of interviews starting on 2nd December in Where’s the F in Leadership Global Online Summit.

See you there!


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Date and time: Interviews starting on 2nd December 2019.


When & where

Monday 2nd - Sunday 8th December, 2019