Learn To Lead Kirtan Taster Workshop at triyoga

Sunday 5th February 2023 at triyoga, Camden. 10am-4pm

This workshop will guide you through some of the essential elements of leading kirtan with Nikki, founder and creator of the first accredited 200 hour ‘Learn to Lead Kirtan’ Foundation Training in the UK. Nikki has cultivated empowerment tools and guidelines for leading this heart opening practice through facilitating four successful trainings, and the workshop is structured around her Pillars of Leading Kirtan.

This taster workshop is for anyone who is inspired to explore the basics of offering kirtan. If you have already begun your kirtan leader journey it offers tools to enhance your leadership skills.

This workshop is for you if:
• You are a yoga teacher and would like to begin offering a short kirtan at the end of your yoga class
• You simply love the practice and would like to share it with friends
• You are inspired to lead kirtan at a festival
• You like to share this uniting community practice with your team at work

Workshop content

Pillar 1 of leading kirtan: Preparing your vocal instrument

Nikki will expertly guide you in inspirational and fun processes for opening the voice that will enhance your ability to chant for sustained periods without losing your voice. This will also support you in having a voice that reflects the devotion that you are connected to when you chant. Nikki strongly encourages students to combine these vocal practices with a grounding practice such as asana or qigong.

Pillar Two: Devotion (Bhakti)

This is a beautiful enquiry into the path of devotion known as Bhakti Yoga. You will immerse yourself deeply into the path of devotion, whatever that may be for you, in the Yoga of Sound and express that through your chanting voice. We will explore heart opening processes and open to melodies (known as Ragas) that bring different moods (Bhavs) to the chants.

Pillar Three: Mastery of the inner critic

One of the major obstacles to leading kirtan is “getting out of the way of ourselves”. As kirtan leaders, what people are thinking about us can be a distraction, causing us to lose the experience of being a channel through which the ‘shakti’ or divine energy flows. Nikki will share several empowering processes to address this issue, all of which have been hugely well received by students on the triyoga 200+ hour foundation teacher training and the triyoga advanced teacher training on which Nikki has been a guest teacher.

Pillar Four: Leadership skills with the harmonium

Nikki will provide a harmonium for you to share in smaller groups, allowing you to explore the way this instrument complements and deepens the experience of chanting. She will teach you how to play a simple drone to accompany your voice, and you will have the opportunity to lead a chant with a drone in your group, bringing together and consolidating all the day’s teaching modalities.

Date: Sunday 5th February 2023

Time: 10:00am – 16:00pm

Cost: £85.00

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When & where

57 Jamestown Rd, London NW1 7DB

Cost: £85

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Sunday 5th February at triyoga Camden, 10:00am - 16:00pm