Learn to Lead Kirtan Foundation Training 2018

200hr Certified Training Programme Autumn 2018



Nikki Slade & Guest teachers Christopher Hareesh Wallis ( Scholar of Sanskrit, Yogic and Tantrik traditions), Katy Appleton ( appleyoga. Yoga for Voice) and Tom Simenauer ( Tabla studies ).

Are you passionate about Kirtan and chanting from the heart?

Have you ever felt that you are a budding Kirtan leader waiting to emerge?

Do you see yourself sharing this sublime and exquisite practice with the world?

If that’s you…….

Autumn 2018 offers you the Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited, 200 hr. Learn To Lead Kirtan Foundation training in London.

Applications are now open.

This will be a unique, unforgettable and transformational experience

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Learn to Lead Kirtan Foundation Training Content

MODULE 1 – 100.5 hrs

24th – 28th Sept & 5th Oct 2018

  • Daily chant of the day
  • Yoga for voice
  • Mastering the breath
  • Vowel modification and vocal technique
  • Develop Bhakti, devotion through the voice
  • Yoga philosophy in Bhakti, Mantra and Sanskrit
  • Foundation training for harmonium
  • Technique practice labs
  • Revision and in depth study of chants and personal practice


Workshop practice integration days

6th, 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th October 2018

  • 3-week mastery development period includes 3 group practice days (the first three fridays listed) with Nikki with hands on coaching to perfect your leading skills. 
  • Includes 1 private individual session with Nikki.
  • Personal assignment time to integrate your practice.
  • 2 saturday morning practice days in smaller groups.

MODULE 2 – 99.5 hrs

22nd – 26th Oct and 2nd Nov 2018.

  • Review of Module 1
  • Daily chant of the day
  • Yoga for voice
  • Mastering the inner critic when leading
  • Foundation tabla rhythms training
  • Technique practice labs
  • Devotional practice labs
  • Develop effective skills for leading Kirtan community
  • Developing Kirtan business skills
  • Integrating all aspects of training


9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd November 2018

  • 3-week mastery development period includes 4 group practice days with Nikki with hands on coaching to perfect your leading skills.
  • Includes 1 private individual session with Nikki.
  • Personal assignment time to integrate your practice.
  • Mock assessment session.

Assessments 18 hrs

24th & 25th November
(both days need to be attended).

Graduation – Completion ceremony

2nd December 2018

You are permitted to miss 1 Friday and 1 Saturday session only in the whole training with the exception of all module days, mock assessment day, assessment days and graduation day. However if you miss one, you will be required to attend a catch-up session at £125 for the time missed.

Fees: £2,600.

Early Bird: £2,350 paid in full by 28th February 2018.

Please note we can offer an instalment plan upon application. This option is only available if you apply before 31st July 2018 and the full fee must be paid by September 2018.

Are you ready to apply? If YES please go to the next tab to find out the pre-requisite requirements and application form.

If you haven’t yet made your mind up about it, we recommend that you attend one of our 3 Lead Kirtan taster days on 11th February, 29th April and 17th June or the Lead Kirtan Residential retreat in June to give you a greater idea of what it will be for you. You can find these events on the Events page at the top.

2018 Applications are open now.

The application is a 3 step process.

  1. Please check the pre-requisites below and make sure you meet all the requirements
  2. Submit the application form (with ALL questions answered) and a short audio recording of your voice.
  3. Within 3 weeks we will announce whether you have been accepted onto the course.



  • Have you engaged in a combination of Kirtan and physical Yoga practice for a minimum of 2 years. (It is fine that you may have done one form of these practices more extensively than the other).
  • Are you someone who has attended at least 10-15 Kirtan classes or workshops either with Nikki Slade or other Kirtan leaders around the world?
  • Are you someone who chants regularly with Kirtan call and response recordings with e.g. Nikki Slade or Krishna Das, Deva Premal, Jai Uttal, Wah or other?
  • Please note we will require you to send back an audio file attached with an example of your singing voice singing the first 4 lines of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz as this is the way we will be able to be ascertain the musicality of your vocal skills for this training.


Please fill the application form on the next tab. We are open for applications for the 2018 Learn to Lead Kirtan Foundation Training now.


Within 3 weeks of your application form being received, we will announce whether you have been accepted. Please note that due to Nikki’s schedule, if you apply in January 2018, your acceptance into the course will be announced until the third week of February.


What is your full name?

What is your email address?

How old are you?

How did you hear about this training?

Please name the friend colleague teacher organization or other who referred you to us?

What is your current profession?

What is your spiritual path philosophy?

Who is your teacher in your field of transformation yoga meditation or other?

What is your previous experience of Kirtan?

Can you sing in tune and in key with a musical instrument accompanying you?


Please record a sample of your singing voice singing the first 4 lines of "Somewhere over the rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz with the line ending: "once in a Lullaby" ideally accompanied by a piano or guitar or a-cappella. Send us the audio file to Hanna@nikkislade.com

Do you have keyboard/piano playing skills?[please note this is not obligatory?]


Do you have a basic hatha yoga practice? Who are your teachers?


Have you any physical injuries?


It is a requirement for the Learn to Lead Kirtan Foundation training that you have a mentor or psychotherapist available to you on stand-by in order for you to participate in this training as the intensity of this course is powerful and we request this to ensure that you have this support available to you at all times during the training in case it is needed. We will ask you for signed proof from your therapist, counsellor or mentor ahead of the training.

If you are already in psychotherapy or counselling, please let us know which type you are attending and why.

Please note we are happy that participants are in psychotherapy or mentorship programmes, if that is what you need to support you throughout your participation. If you know you have any conditions that need extra support, please take responsibility for your own wellbeing.

Do you have a history of BI-POLAR or PTSD? If so we are sorry but this training is not suitable for you.

***NB: We have come to realize that in 25 years of experience with primordial sound that there are some mental health conditions including Bi-Polar and PTSD and Schizophrenia which require a massive amount of extra support during the process of extensive kirtan and sound work, and thereby for your own safety and support, conditions such as these are not appropriate for attendance on the LTLKFT training due to the intensity of this work and to protect your well being. Hence we will have to ask you certain questions regarding your mental health in your application process out of respect and support to whom so ever this may apply to. We ask you to be honest and frank in this matter.***


Please also inform us if you are currently taking any medication for any physical, or psychiatric conditions?


When & where

London venue to be announced soon

24th September - 2nd December2018