Express your Real Voice – 4 Week Course

Express Your Real Voice course with Nikki Slade

After the recent success of my ‘Your Real Voice Masterclass‘ I am delighted to launch my first 4 week course via Zoom during which we will explore the themes of the Masterclass in greater depth.

Do you struggle to express yourself fully in every day scenarios? 

If so then this new 4 week course is the one for you!

This course is for everyone from beginners to masters. You will be given tangible tools to harness the energy of your inner voice and be fully express yourself wherever you are. Your real voice emerges as you master your inner critic and open up your connection to the primordial sound inside you.

Here is how you will benefit from this course…

  • Your creativity, zest, enthusiasm, and empowerment will flow effortlessly.
  • You will be able to say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • `No` will be a complete sentence where no explanations are required and your ‘Yeses` will ring through as clear as a bell!
  • Inhibition, self-consciousness and all doubts dissolve and a brighter force emerges that is the real you.
  • You will have the consistent sense that an expanded vibration is flowing through your vocal chords.
  • We will work with mantras as our foundation in addition to inspiring practices and playful partner work
  • You will learn how to master your reactions to your life challenges by raising your vibration.
  • Discover how to create a vibrant life through your voice.
  • Drop the fear of participating in groups and explore new ways of being and acting.
  • Anchor your learning through inspiring practices and enriching assignments between each session..

If you have not already taken the 2 hrs introductory ‘Your Real Voice’ Masterclass then we highly recommend that you do so before starting this 4 week course.  The next Masterclass will be on Sunday 17 October – click here for full details and to register.  Whilst the 2 hour Masterclass is not mandatory, it will enhance your experience of the 4 week course. For this reason, if you can benefit from a £30 discount if you would like to take the 4 week course AND join the Masterclass on Sunday 17 October.  Simply email when you have registered for both and we will issue you a £30 refund.

When & where

7-8.30pm GMT on Wednesdays 21 & 28 October and 3 & 10 November via Zoom